Precaution \ Caution

If you have decided to have a tattoo or a piercing for yourself, It is a great idea. You must take care of some particulars before doing so. Therefore we give you our conclusions about precautions.

Here are some helpful tips and the conclusions of our experience for precaution \ caution for tattoo and piercing.

  • Find a well-known tattoo studio, which has trained and efficient artist. The tattoo artist needs to be a certified and he/ she must follow the standard regulations for tattooing.
  • The work profile and experience of the artist also matters a lot.
  • The studio should abide by necessary hygiene as well as safety standards. The place should be clean and artist should also maintain proper sanitation.
  • The artist must use sterillium or hand sanitizer to clean their hands before each and every procedure and use a pair of disposable protective latex gloves.

  • Needles, tubes, etc. used by the tattoo artist should be unpacked right in front of you. If they don’t come in sealed packages, chances of cross-contamination as well as blood-borne ailments go up significantly.
  • The non-disposable equipment used in a tattoo studio must be sterilized in sterilizer or autoclave (heat sterilization machine).

  • Make sure that the ink, which is going to be used on you, is approved for tattooing. Check the expiration date of the ink before you get your tattoo.
  • The tattoo artist should pour the ink into a single-use ink cups and dispose the excess amount after finishing the procedure.


  • Go through the after-care instructions carefully before getting inked. It would help you understand the risks and precautions beforehand.
  • If possible, be present at the studio while someone else is getting tattooed. It will let you know whether the entire affair is going to be a safe bet for you or not.
  • You must fill up client & tattoo information form for safety reasons. keep a copy of it for your reference.
  • You must do some research for before choosing a tattoo, after all it is going to be with you forever. Think what design will be right for you according to your likes and dislike and personality.
  • Getting a tattoo is life time commitment to yourself, chose your artist wisely, and remember you will get what you pay for. Don’t look for cheap studio, you rather look for quality.
  • Do not consume (or not inject) any kind of drug or alcohol before or during tattoo or piercing process. And precisely any professional artist do not allow the person to get tattoo or pierce when he/she is in that state.